Denise is a Senior!  Time certainly does go by quickly.  I remember clear as day Denise sitting in my freshman class.  It really does not feel that long ago!

Denise is such an outdoor girl!  She love to hunt, play in the mud and just be outside.  We started to capture some of her Senior portraits on a day that was really a bit too windy.  We worked around the wind and captured some great images.  This girl has amazingly striking blue eyes!  Check out Denise’s Gallery to see all the images.








Donovan is the son of a good friend and colleague of mine.  His sister Mallorie graduated last year and I was honored to be asked to capture her senior portraits.  I was equally pleased to be able to create some amazing images that I think capture the true personality of Donovan. I spent two afternoons with Donovan. On one, we were lucky enough to have a lovely fall day with a gentle breeze and glorious colors.  On our second afternoon, we met in the studio for some shots.

Here’s a sampling of Donovan’s senior portraits.

Check out Donovan’s gallery here.

Liz – Summer

Liz is a senior!  It’s hard to believe that the baby I once knew is now nearly a grown up!  I have had the distinct pleasure of spending a lot of time with Liz as my student, an active FFA member and a family friend and mentee.

We’re celebrating Liz’s senior year by capturing her in each of South Dakota’s amazing seasons.  Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite shots from this summer:

Check out Liz’s gallery and keep up with postings of new photos as we move and shoot through the seasons!

Marissa and Derek – Sioux Falls Wedding

I’ve known bride Marissa for what seems like forever.  To say that I’ve watched her grow up is so very true. As a former student and good friend and team mate of my oldest daughter we’ve come to know each other fairly well.  Since her graduation, I’ve called on Marissa to assist in coaching teams and provide advice in leadership and team building with my students.

I was humbled and so very pleased when Marissa called on me to capture her engagement and wedding memories.  Derek, her groom, is such a fabulous guy.  He’s got a big personality to go along with his big heart.  His emotion and obvious devotion to Marissa and Abbot we very evident.

Here’s a sampling of Marissa and Derek’s Wedding Day: Feel free to pin away!

Many thanks to Shannon Miller of One Thousand Photography for second shooting with me!  Check out the entire Moeller-Bucher Wedding Gallery here.

Melinda Lu

Melinda and I had planned to shoot her senior portraits during the winter.  We envisioned  beautiful snow covered grasslands, frosty trees and iced-over ponds.  Winter never really arrived in South Dakota this year, unless you count about 2 or 3 days where we had minor, very minor, snow cover.

We opted instead for Spring.  Lovely green grass, stunning blooming trees, tulips and daffodils, ducks on the pond and a simply beautiful sunny afternoon.

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from our afternoon.

To view Melinda’s entire gallery, click here.

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